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Save Women

Save Women works with OB/GYN, Maternal Fetal and Primary Care offices to add quality Virtual Maternal Fetal Medicine solutions to serve diverse pregnant women. Save Women is based in Brooklyn, NY, with an important mission to eliminate suboptimal quality care, inequity of care and cost of care barriers for diverse pregnant women at the source of care. We are determined to Save Women from adverse outcomes by delivering exceptional pregnancy management directly at the Primary Source Of Care(PSOC) including private medical offices, hospitals and clinics. Communities rely on the PSOC to manage their pregnancy health/wellness plans and we help to provide quality of care support. Join us on as we Save Women.

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Save Women

Maternal Fetal Primary Care (MFPC) 

Our goal and focus is to work with Primary Care providers, Hospitals, Mid-Wives and Organizations to help pregnant women receive equitable and quality MFPC care regardless of their social, racial or economic status. We are passionate about eliminating preventable maternal deaths, optimizing chronic diseases, educating, advocacy and improving bad outcomes for diverse pregnant women. Please ask your healthcare provider about Save Women and our programs.

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On Demand 

Equitable and Inclusive Maternal Fetal Primary Care

On Demand Maternal Fetal Primary Care(MFPC) delivers custom pregnancy planning, management and long term recovery plans directly to diverse women, regardless of their economic status or risk factors. MFPC enhances equitable and inclusive maternal care in diverse communities and as a result, reduce risks, maternal morbidity and mortality specifically for black women. We make Maternal Fetal Care accessible and in reach at the healthcare provider of your choice in communities or virtually via our technology solutions.

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Virtual MFPC Solutions

Maternal Fetal Medicine For OB/GYN and Primary Care Office

MFPC Management

Experience Material Fetal Medicine service at the nearest primary care office. We provide virtual MFM rooms in person at the primary care office or conveniently at home for diverse patients.

MFPC TeleMedicine

Experience in and out office video, phone and other virtual communication at home or at the nearest primary care office.

MFPC Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are an important part of our ability to help patients manage pregnancies effectively and design the best care plans for healthy pregnancy outcomes.

MFPC Plans

We provide Maternal Care Plans to women who are planning, managing and recovering from pregnancy.

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MFM Data Management

Collecting Every Data Point To Enhance Maternal Fetal Care

Data is an important part of our focus to enhance care, reduce risks, provide quality and eliminate racial disparities in the maternal fetal health industry. We integrate technology to work across primary care offices, community centers, at home and with other partners to manage important data points that are essential to providing effective care to everyone, everywhere.

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MFM Risk Data

Pregnancy risks are increasing and it is affecting healthy outcomes for diverse pregnant women. Our Pregnancy Risk data management solutions are a core part of our ability to reduce the effects of risks by eliminating patient transfer or travel.


MFM Outcome Data

We design our data management solutions to create the best possible outcomes for diverse pregnant women. Pregnancy begins with pre-planning and preparing healthy environments to create the best possible birth outcomes.


MFM Intelligence (MFAI)

We deliver Maternal Fetal Artificial Intelligence solutions to Primary Care, Hospitals, MFM and other organizations interested in delivering the best pregnancy experience for diverse women.

Maternal Fetal Social Determinant(MFSD) 

Lending a Helping Hand With MFSD Consultations

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Community Consultation

Nutrition Consultation

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Economic Consultation

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